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J&T's COPPER PENNY is the 31 year dream of Jamie and Tommy Simpson. They were the original owners when it first opened in July 2019.  Having been a part of this community for 13 years, they wanted to create a special place for people to gather with friends and enjoy great entertainment and beverages.  Jamie had designed it and Tommy built it.  The unique penny bar top was added to be a way of telling their story and a way of saying thank you to those who had supported them over the years.  Look for the pennies with initials stamped on them.  Those are the initials of the friends that gave their time to help build it and those who had passed on before they could enjoy it.  In early 2020 they stepped away for personal reasons.  When they were contacted about buying "The Penny" back, along with a close family friend, they jumped at the opportunity to embrace their dream once again.


With Jamie's extensive background in the Entertainment Business, Tommy's 35 years in the Bar/Restaurant Business and their partner's successful career in the Bar/Restaurant Business, this team has the experience to make "The Penny" the quality Entertainment/Bar venue it was meant to be.



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